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1. Get consent to kiss.

But if you have actually settled on this page to learn how kiss, generally, thinking I'm going to do a four-step instructional guide to kissing, let me reward your Googling heart. I am not saying all kisses are great, nor that all kissers know what they are doing. But these guidelines will help. With time comes mastery, and its many rewards.

Maybe you think everybody does. But I've known a particular kind of kiss that was all dental work, teeth against teeth. And then, of course, the tongue, which in this case was no real thrill at all. That kiss kept getting thinner and harder until I began to feel we were after some sort of bone-crushing, science-fiction jaw lock right there under the street light.

No lips, no give-and-take. A kiss demands a little surrender, yes.

Your Website Is Way Too Confusing: Simplify Your Website With The KISS Rule

But there must be some resistance, too. That's what the lips are for. Use your hands.

My girlfriend sometimes lays her hand flat on the side of my face when she kisses me. I like that. Or she spreads her fingers on the back of my neck. Very nice. Or locks her hands in mine.


How to Kiss - 20 Best Kissing Tips for Teen Girls and Guys in

This is not distracting, and it isn't foreplay. Not always.

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It's dimensional. There's a lot going on, because of her hands, her fingertips. Hands open things up. Just don't do it with words. Sure, there's a measure of permission involved, but it's not a verbal contract, kissing. A lot of people will tell you it's polite to ask. Maybe, if the situation calls for it. There is nothing simple about mass-energy equivalence or special relativity, but Einstein was able to express it in five characters. You can distill the complexity of your website into something way more simple. Humans love simplicity. Our brains are wired to love simplicity.

In one study , scientists asked subjects to pick up a two types of objects: easy-to-hold objects simple , and hard-to-hold objects complicated. The subjects were hooked up to electromyographic equipment to measure facial response to the objects.

Respect consent – always

Scientists found that the easy-to-hold objects made people smile slightly. In other words, simple objects made people happy. Another test discovered that simple fonts and print helped people reason more clearly. The more complicated or hard-to-read the font, the harder it was for subjects to process information and impaired reasoning skills.

Another way of saying it is that simplicity makes people smarter. A final study should convince you. Yale researchers in partnership with Stanford and University of Michigan scholars, wanted to find out if people were more likely to spend money in response to complicated descriptions or simple ones.

As you would assume, the simple options won.

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If consumers felt that an option was simple or easy, it made them more likely to spend their money. One of the most surprising findings of the study was that people can tell whether a website is simple or complicated in 50ms just. The concept behind simple websites is cognitive fluency. Our brains get tired easily.

Take a simple example: Stocks with easy-to-pronounce ticker symbols outperform those with hard-to-pronounce ones. But me? I like to measure the stuff that matters to my business — dwell time, conversions, revenue. Guess what.

Simple websites convert better, too. Let me say it as simply as possible: A simple website will make you more money. The idea has many iterations among engineers, developers, designers, architects, and programmers:. Ads on your homepage are a major no-no. Brian Dean, conversion guru, used Crazy Egg to discover that a paltry 1. The page that matters most is your homepage. Your homepage should set the tone for the rest of the website — simple, clear, and free of distraction.

Look at the website of designer Jonas Lindvall. It takes minimalism to the nth degree, and showcases an extremely subtle design look for it. An easy way to apply the principle of simplicity is to think of it like this: What is the one thing I want the user to do when they are on this page?

Find out, and then design the website around that one thing. Give them simplicity, and they will be more likely to do what you want them to do:. There is a menu, but you have to scroll below the fold to see it. The short term memory can hold only seven items. To make your website as simple as possible, limit your menu to seven items or fewer. IBM, for example, has 11 menu items, plus a couple of other things I could click. In fact, it can have subtle design, like in the image above.

The clouds and horizon are red tinted, and they have texture. In the website image below, the white space would be the background image of the coffee beans. The website uses white space in order to create a sense of simplicity. A site like the one below uses lots of negative space to focus attention on the central point of information. White space is not wasted space. Site structure has a lot to do with simplicity, too. Make the navigation easy to understand for a user who knows nothing about your business.

Give them all the information that they need in one or two clicks. Drop down menus seem like a good idea. They save on space. They allow you to add more information. But many times, drop down menus can produce added complexity to a website.