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Crosshairs are automatically enabled whenever a drawing tool is active. Select any drawing tool and then draw it on chart. Tap twice to abandon the drawing. To delete a drawing using mouse, highlight the drawing and then right click. On touch devices, highlight the drawing and then tap twice or press the trash icon that appears when the drawing is highlighted. You can save technical studies and duration used for plotting a chart with the help of "Save Views" icon.

This will help you to use saved view as a template to perform same technical analysis on any other stock in future. Saved view can be viewed using "Views" button. User can delete the view using the delete icon given in front of the view name. User can compare 2 symbols chart at a time. You can view chart in two types - line and mountain. Hover on the "Studies" dropdown to perform basic as well advanced technical analysis. Moving averages, RSI, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands and 25 other studies can be easily performed using our chart screen.

Studies can be of two types - panel and overlay. Panel studies appear stacked in windows below or above the chart. When multiple panel studies are active, they can be repositioned by pressing the "up" or "down" icons. Press the "X" icon on a panel to remove it and destroy its underlying study.

The size of panels can be changed by dragging the horizontal borders. It is possible to annotate and create drawings on panels. Overlays and underlays are studies that are superimposed over the chart itself. Hovering over the line or shapes that make up a study will highlight that study. Right click a highlighted overlay to get a context menu that allows editing and deleting. On touch devices, highlight the study by tapping it, then tap the trash can icon to delete or the cog icon to edit. Stocks can be selected using up and down arrow keys or using mouse click in watchlist.

The first stock in the watchlist would be selected by default and then the user can change the selection using the arrow keys. Once the stock is selected the user can use shortcut keys like F1 and F2 to place orders. You can arrive at the equities screen by selecting "Equities" in the dropdown menu under "Markets" tab. You can get a comprehensive analysis of equity markets. Heatmap: This screen provides a snapshot of top gainers marked in green and top losers marked in red in Heat Map by index and sectors. You can view Heatmap by sectors. It analyses the open interest position in real time and gives a breakup of fresh and square-off contracts along with volumes.

How to Find the Best Stocks to Day Trade

You can get a comprehensive analysis of commodity markets in it. It provides the current market status with heatmap and price chart to track how the commodity is performing.

How To Make The Best Stock Watchlist In 5 Steps

Also trending news displayed to provide real time updates to user. You can track movement in global indices. To get updates on global indices, you need to select FNO in the dropdown menu of the "Markets" section and then navigate to the Indices tab available on the left navigation pane. Strategy screen not only allows you to analyses probability for price forecast, but also evaluates various options strategies based on your risk and reward preferences.

To access this screen, you need to click on Strategies tab available on the left navigation pane of FNO section. Option Calculator allows user to calculate theoretical option premium price in real-time and take advantage of the price mismatch happening in current market. Fill in the required details and click on Submit. This screen gives a snapshot every 15 minutes of whether the long or short positions were created in a particular stock or an index. Interval: An interval is a minutes session that analyses price, OI and volume.

In a trading session, there will be 25 intervals starting from 9. Price Zone: It indicates the low and high price of a particular counter during minutes interval. Traded Contracts: It suggests the volume in a minutes session. Option Chain view provides options prices of all options contracts for the underlying.

You can select and view different option contract parameters in the option chain. However, you can view option chain for any scrip for near, next and far month contracts. Moreover, you can view option chain in grid as well as in chart. Expand the Markets tab available on the left navigation pane and click on Option Chain. By clicking on the Market link, you can access the Put Call chain and Option chain. The user can view data for the current as well as upcoming events.

In addition, the user can view events for the specific period. You can arrive at the Currency Analytics screen by selecting "Currency Analytics" in the dropdown menu under "Markets" tab. You can get a comprehensive analysis of currency markets in this section. This section provides the comprehensive data provided by the RBI regarding the currency and make a trading decision accordingly.

User can analyze and review the change in the currency along with the percentage change in it. There are also other major currencies and their details along with charts are provided to major their overall impact in currency market segment. Frequently Asked Questions. What is quick quote? What are the order types? What are the product types? Will I get any notification after placing order? You will get notification for order confirmation on the top right corner.

How to modify and cancel orders? Is order history available? Where I can get information about my traded contracts? You can refer Trade Book to view information about traded contracts. How to convert and square off orders? Can I set price alerts to track price movement? Watchlist What are the different types of watchlist available?

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There are two main types of watchlist available as below: System defined watchlists: These watchlists are inbuilt in the application. Separate watchlist is available to track the top 50 stocks from each segment of the market. For e. User defined watchlists: You can use "Create" button to build your own watchlist.

Can I create multiple watchlists?

How I Make My Trading Watchlist Everyday - Bulls on Wall Street

You can create multiple watchlists. How can I add stocks, futures and options in my Watchlist screen? How can I remove stocks, futures and options in my Watchlist? You need to click on "-Watchlist" button, which is available at top left corner below company name.

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Is filtering functionality available in watchlist for data? For text values columns user can perform exact search. Is predefined filtering functionality available in watchlist? Can I sort the columns data in watchlist? Can I delete my watchlist? Can I get a separate Indices watchlist? User Preferences Can I change the application theme?

Can I change alert notifications status? What are order ticket settings? Portfolio What is portfolio overview? Net worth: Current value of investment and Returns in both actual and in percentage terms. Movers: Top Gainers and Top Losers among your portfolio stocks in percentage terms. Intraday Movement: Track how stocks in your portfolio have moved in the intraday. You can find stocks which have recovered substantially from Intraday Low as well as stocks which fell from Intraday High in this screen.

Price Shockers: Stocks in your portfolio which have gained or lost substantially in the last five days are listed here. Volume Shockers: Stocks in your portfolio which have seen surge in volumes during intraday trade compared to its 5-day average volume are listed here.

Stock Watchlist Guide: Tips & Examples to Develop your Own!

What is portfolio exposure? Get sector allocation for portfolio investment. How to find your Holdings? What is comparative section in portfolio trade analysis? What is trade analysis subsection in portfolio trade analysis? What is trade performance in portfolio trade analysis? Company Overview How to navigate on company overview page? There are two ways for navigating to company overview page: You can simply click on the company name scrip from any watchlist for navigating to company overview page.

You can use top search bar for navigating to company overview page. Which types of companies are available in company overview page? What are technical signals? What is news sentiment? How the score is calculated for news sentiment? If the news sentiment is green with higher number then can I buy that stock? How to see financials for a particular company? What does company health score indicate?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is balance sheet in Financials section? What is cash flow in Financials section? What is Ratios in Financials section? What does Results section in Financials section display? What does financial chart indicate in financials section? What does trend analysis chart indicate in financials section?

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What does the strategy section display? Strategy screen consists of following: Probability Chart: It shows the forecast of future price by taking the implied volatility IV as input to lognormal distribution and plotted over time. The current IV is taken as default. The plot then shows the probabilities of stock price achieving those prices on that particular date.

Strategy Input: This gives you an option to select target price and date for your strategy. Priorities: This allows you to prioritize personal risk preferences based on Profit, Safety, Probability and Return. You can move the field bars up or down based on your preference. Based on user's strategy input and priorities, our system generates up to 5 options strategies taking the real-time values of puts and calls. How to generate strategies? What are peers? What are transaction bulk deals? Commodity Overview Which type of commodities available here? What are related instruments?

What is future chain? Futures Chain — lists all the available contracts for the selected commodity. What is calendar spread? What are the different elements that trends page contains? Trends page helps to find in-depth analysis presented with the help of the following widgets: 1. OI Breakup — pie-chart showing the OI break-up across expiries available for trading 3. Seasonality — shows the monthly price performance over the past 5 years in two views — grid and interactive charts 4. What does correlations page displays? Research What are Screeners? Can I get trading or investment recommendations from Reliance Securities?

News How do I view real-time News Feeds? Can I get trading or investment recommendations from experts? What are transactions - bulk deals? What is sentiment - price chart in the company news section? Can I get trading or investment suggestions from experts? Charts What are the available chart types? How to view technical charts for different timeframes? How to use Drawing Tools? How to save the chart view? How to access the advanced charting features?

Don’t have a portfolio yet?

There are multiple ways to access the advanced charting tools. Select Charts from the top search textbox and search for the scrip or the contract name. Click on the navigation menu. Type the script or the contract name in the search box available on the charts page to view charts of particular scrip. From the top search bar, go to the company or index overview page. The widget for charts can be expanded to view the advanced charting feature.

How to compare multiple charts? How to add, edit and remove studies? What are the other features available in charts screen? You can directly place order using "Buy" and "Sell" buttons available on Charts screen. Screen controls are provided to pan the view left and right keys.

The home will take you back to the end of the chart the latest bar. Creating profits starts by having a main watch list for stocks that you continually move good setups into. Chartists have looked at a healthy list of ideas over the years. You can take advantage of this experience at StockCharts. This capability makes the engine one of the most powerful tools available to you on StockCharts.

Analysts and users have created over 75 scans and sorted the results for investors all on one page called Predefined Scans. You pick from these predefined scans to create a ChartList dedicated to scans, and then populate it with the ones you like best. You can use the predefined scans to find the stocks you like and want to watch. This is a great place to start. Populating your watch list with stocks that have good setups is an important part of using StockCharts.

After you log in to the site, click on the Gears icon beside the ChartLists button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Members page. Make sure the Scan Center option is turned on. Close the window. Scroll down the Members page until you are just above the ChartLists banner and click on the Predefined Scans button. Clicking this link displays a window with the Predefined Scan Results summary table. There are hyperlinks all over this page so you can click on one of the links and see the list of stocks that was found by a particular scan. This list is a veritable gold mine with so many interesting scans that demonstrate different ways to look at the market.

For example, consider Keltner channels.